attracting, growing and retaining talented employees in the manufacturing sector


Wednesday, July 10

At the City of Beaverton

learn best practices, tools & disciplines

Attract your ideal, qualified employees at all levels
Create higher engagement, collaboration, and trust
Increase retention and create enthusiastic employee advocates
Grow with improved discipline and accountability


A Summary of the Discussion

Our goal is to provide specific tips, techniques and actions that business owners can implement immediately.

What actions can you take TODAY?

Our panelists will answer what we believe are some of the most pressing questions business owners have about attracting, retaining, and growing talented people.
What questions do you have?
Why do people leave?
How can you create a great culture that attracts and retains great people?
What steps can you take to improve your retention?
What tools might you use to increase engagement, productivity & accountability?
How can you turn your employees into your greatest recruiting and retention tool?

Video Clip
 from our May 22 Panel

Meet the Panelists

We've got an expert in finding and hiring the right people for your executive/leadership team, another to help you implement a complete business operating system, and a business owner like you who took over and grew a steel company. 

Karen Anderson

Director of business development at Acumen Executive Search, Karen will speak to the 9-step process Acumen uses to create the “ideal fit” for managers/executives into established teams, validated by their 3-year retention rate of 92.7%.

Sid Smith

Sid Smith, EOS® Implementer, will explain how you can systematize the seven key things that inspire all workers to engage with and execute on your company’s vision, using simple real-world tools and disciplines.

Stanley Walker

Stanley, President of Oregon Metal Services, will offer some insight into the manufacturing sector, with a specific focus on the importance of creating a positive culture and how to build up a consistent morale from the shop floor to the board room.


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